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Heart Protection with Veggies


Let’s talk about the hearts and heart disease today! After having lost both my father and my close college buddy, Paul in the last two years to heart attacks, I feel this is a relevant topic. Paul was only 42 when he passed away this summer! Hence, this issue is very close to my heart! I could have called this post, “Wrong Advice Could Kill You!”




A few days ago, my guy received this holiday letter from a friend’s wife:


“HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas from the City of Destiny. 2013 has been a long, trying year for us. It seems to be closing out well, so we are hoping for a better 2014. 

John had a stroke in May and spent most of June in a rehab center. He’s fully recovered and become much healthier; losing a significant amount of weight now that he’s following a vegan diet. He’s also working again at two part-time jobs.”


Then yesterday I received a phone message from my friend Beth that went something like this,


“Hi Nina. Ron and I are at The Mayo Clinic, where Ron is awaiting his new heart, so I just wanted to let you know that you will not be getting a Christmas card from us this year! We hope you are doing well!” (For privacy, I have changed their names!)


I used to believe that heart attacks were inevitable for my family, especially my father’s side of it, since this is what most of them have died from. Now I know the difference! I have to ask, do we really have to lose a loved one or get a heart attack to come to a “change of heart”? Is this what it takes to go on a plant-based vegan diet? Apparently it is for many people! Look at Bill Clinton! He went on a plant-based vegan diet due to his heart surgery. Luckily, Clinton found, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and is now a convert! (Link included at the end!)


clinton vegHeart Healthy Mr. Clinton


Unfortunately, not everyone, including the American Heart Association or other associations will suggest a whole foods plant-based diet for heart disease and protection. It doesn’t exactly produce new customers! My friends husband is lucky that he got sound advice where he went – that can actually save his life! Others are not so lucky and will get “ducky”!


Braendende-kaerlighed-a-la-Hjerteforeningen-455x350Brændende Kærlighed – “Burning Love” in Danish…

…A Dish from the Danish Heart Association that does NOT love you back! Trust me!


Once I saw duck recommended as a dish for the Danish Heart Association on their Facebook page. What? Seriously? I thought, “Are you not aware of how fattening and unhealthy eating duck meat is?” I wrote and told them! I’m not sure they appreciated my comment, but seriously! If you’re trying to help people get better, then please do so! Those types of recommendations are just plain wrong! And not only wrong, they are life threatening!  

On the Danish Heart Association recipe page alone there’s six duck recipes! Wow! No one is going to get cured of or protected from heart disease by eating duck or other meat and cheese products! Duck in Danish is called “Andebryst”. On their website there’s even a fried pork dish down in the “S” category – look under, “Stegt Flæsk med græskarpure”. I have included a link to their website at the bottom, so you can see for yourself that I am not making this up! 


The Dish, “Brændende Kærlighed”, that I showed in the photo above, just to give you an example, not only has meat in it, but is filled with milk, creme and margarine. Okay, so not a lot of creme and margarine, but it is in the dish! I am being critical because if you are an organization set out to truly try to reverse this ugly trend then these should not be on the menu! By the way, I’d be delighted to come and speak at The Danish Heart Association – Den Danske Hjerteforeningen – if they should have interest in learning more about a plant-based diet! I’ll be in Denmark in the spring of 2014! Isn’t it time to change the menu, folks? 



Heart disease is preventable through the right diet! It is not a destiny! So, Go Plant-strong! Here’s Dr. Esselstyn talking about heart disease:


From my heart to yours! Please protect your precious heart for yourself and those who love you!



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