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Different Approach – Same Results!


Dear Vegans,

This post is solely intended for those of you who are already vegan. I need to get something off my chest today. Everyone comes to veganism in different ways and that should be more than okay. Not one shoe fits all! Some people become plant-based vegan or vegan for health reasons, others because of animal cruelty and the horrific abuse in factory farms, others because of the destruction animal consumption does to the environment. However, one approach is not less than any other – the results are still the same! First of all, we end up with a healthier group of humans, millions of animals are spared, and a healthier planet! So in the end, Why get all goofed up about how it came about when it is a win-win situation no matter which way we look at it? Well, apparently some people do!

Win Win

A lot of people have attacked Beyonce for going on a plant-based vegan diet…even vegans themselves. I don’t think this aids our common cause! These kinds of attacks on individuals or groups, just because they don’t use the right “lingo” or because someone doesn’t call themselves “vegan”, hurts our entire vegan movement. A month ago, I “spoke out” (in writing), because someone was trashing Mercy For Animals (MFA). This person thought that MFA used the words “Plant-based” or “vegetarian” too often in their campaigns and was also saying that they didn’t use the word “vegan” enough! Whaaatt? Mercy For Animals, as far as I’ve seen, uses the word “vegan” over and over again in their campaigns and I know for a fact that they do tremendous work on behalf of non-human animals!


Here’s what I responded back:

“…I think it hurts our entire vegan movement when we bash any groups or persons on public forum. If you want them to change their behavior, it would be best to write directly to them and this may help them see another view. I know of many people who went vegan after watching MFA undercover videos. Thank you for considering the private approach instead of the public bashing.”

Yesterday, I posted the following two links on a well-known/liked FaceBook page for Vegans that were authored by two well known vegans (see below). However, when I looked today both been removed. Why? I wrote to the woman in charge of the site and asked, but have yet to get a response from her. I thought, Okay, perhaps this is just a “fluke” – so I posted them again…and got the same result. Both were instantly removed from the site! It is really GOOFY in my opinion! Why would these two not be allowed on a vegan site that supports Veganism? Personally, I don’t want to be a member of such a group that goes about censoring and erases information that is not only helpful, but supports vegans in doing a better job! Hence, I have removed myself from this group. I’m curious to hear what you think about this after you have read the following article and watched Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Both of which I had shared and that were the ones removed. Enjoy!

Click on the article below to read this excellent piece:

Let Beyonce be. About the biggest oversight in our movement.

Colleen suggests that you grab a cup of tea before settling down to watch this one!

Enjoy! It’s about 20 minutes long.

Again, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dear Walmart…Let’s Talk About True Happiness!


Dear Walmart,

Recently you posted the following quote on your website. Your advertisement team wrote, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy bacon and that’s kind of the same thing!” This caused a lot of stir in the community! We don’t all agree with you! Some of your bacon loving customers might, but there’s a large community of some pretty smart people and this community is growing! People are, thankfully, awakening to the facts! Some of my friends are doctors, lawyers, social workers, nurses, teachers, business owners…and they responded to your “bacon equals happiness” equation with great dismay. These are professionals, who know the truth about the sort of business that you conduct! Fortunately, more and more people…namely, your customers…are coming to know the truth about this! 

Walmart Stop Supporting Animal Abuse

Not long ago, Mercy for Animals exposed the horrific abuse of pigs from the suppliers that provide you with bacon. This exposure must have lost you some serious bacon sales and therefore you’re now looking for ways to “re-establish” your image in the community by using, as a friend of mine pointed out, “reverse psychology”. Well, it isn’t working. The sad reality is this…

pigs in factory farm…Pigs in factory farms!

CAFO – The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories

I believe that your customers are pretty smart people, who not only want to feed their family healthy foods, but who also have enough sense not to support animal cruelty! Pigs are just as intelligent as the family dog, so why would we do this to them? Pigs are natural foragers. They like to graze, play, listen to music, be petted, run around…just like a dog! What you see above is the reality of how they are living! Does this look humane to you? Imagine yourself in one of these metal confinements, even for just half a day! Would you think that was okay? I can’t even begin to imagine what this must do to their intelligent minds! The fact is, they go nuts and so would our pets, if they were put in one of these metal stands!

Pigs foragingNot Walmart pigs!

You responded back, “For the past several months, we have been working on a new comprehensive auditing and tracking program for pork, which we recently rolled out. The program is designed to track and source pork to help ensure that we purchase only from farms that are certified to meet the highest standards for the treatment of animals.” 
Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to believe you, most of us are not buying this! First of all, what program and how do you audit and how often do you plan to do so? My other question to you is, how can you make this work? You sell things for much less, including animal products!

Suma, of the Karnataka Garment Workers UnionIndia’s Clothing Workers: “They slap us and call us dogs and donkeys”

Your business thrives on the exploitation of not just animals but humans as well, as I well recall seeing during an Oprah episode about a female worker making sweatpants for your company in India. This woman was paid next to nothing, lived in deplorable conditions and was working 14 or more hours per day. It was inhumane and disgusting! We ask, why should we then not be surprised that you would care less about how the animals are living and treated, when you have so little thought and compassion for the human kind?

Heart-Disease-01Processed Meats Increases Risk of Heart Disease by 40 Percent

For those of you interested in the health of your families, the fact is that eating pigs is a double edged sword – bacon does NOT love you back! It’ll eventually kill you! Their fattening meat with its saturated fat and cholesterol, especially bacon, is not only artery blocking, but also cancer promoting!  A more accurate quote could be, “You can’t buy health or happiness, but you can exercise and eat your veggies – and that, dear customers, will result in more health, happiness and well being!” 


So Walmart, perhaps 2014 will be the year where you show the world that you’re capable of changing your image and become a company who not only cares about your customers requests and concerns, but also about your employees’ welfare and the welfare of the living, breathing, sentient beings that you sell for profit – packaged in plastic and stamped with colorful labels. Let’s all remember that there once was a living, breathing animal who only wished for a piece joy and happiness in this world…just like you and me!


Nina at UVC

Pigs - Why?

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