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Holiday Virgin Recipe


I know that it’s after Christmas, but you can always save this idea for next year! As I mentioned in my previous post, every year our Christmas party invites a “holiday virgin” and we have a lot of fun with planning for this whole event! Everyone at the party has been a virgin at some point…yea, yea, I know where your mind is going, so get your head out of the gutter and get with the program, friend. The holidays are about sharing and caring!


VirginNot our virgin…or half the party, at least, would have been unable to focus!


Recipe for a Surprise Holiday Virgin


  1. Invite a friend you know who will be alone on Christmas Eve

  2. Tell them that they’re invited to dinner with a group of great people

  3. When they ask what they can bring, tell them, “Maybe some chocolates or a bottle of wine” – your choice!

  4.  Everyone at the party exchanges gifts later and has bought gifts for the virgin – but the virgin doesn’t know there are gifts involved. If the person asks, just say, “It’s just dinner!”

  5. Buy thoughtful and fun gifts for everyone to enjoy and/or bake goodies to share!


Speaking of baking, I had bought Kim Barnouin‘s “Skinny Bitch Bakery” before the holidays and made Stephane’s Orange Poppy Seed Bundt Cake. It was delicious! Everyone loved it!


photo-13Skinny Bitch Bakery by Kim Barnouin