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Speciesism – A Review


Last night, my friend Jenelle and I went to the Seattle premiere of the documentary Speciesism by director, Mark Devries.


We were excited to go, but also slightly apprehensive. Jenelle has watched “Earthlings”, which I have to admit that I have not. I told Jenelle that I had watched Mark on YouTube speaking about this film and he had said that this definitely wasn’t going to be “Eartlings II”. Well, let me tell you, Mark Devries has found a way to deliver this important message in such a masterful and balanced way that requires a great deal of finesse, sensitivity and skill! Yet, he has managed to do it! He asks powerful, high-mileage questions of the people he meets, from both the experts to regular people on the streets!

Michael Shermer on Speciesism


The film also features one of my favorite authors and speakers, Peter Singer. Speciesism is truly a thought provoking and inspiring documentary! And Mark is absolutely right, after you’ve watched it, you’ll walk out with a changed perspective and a new resolve! I did! This is a film that I definitely want to watch again! There were many great quotes and much food thought and further discussion! Here’s Mark & me after the film premiere


IMG_0879Mark Devries & UrbanVeganChic


Here’s the link to the official site:


Also check out this link to The Huffington Post

Please do yourself a favor and do watch this! Buy a copy or two – I definitely plan to! ENJOY!

Well done, Mark Devries and Thank you again!