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Recycling for Vegans: How & Why It Matters


Again, my friend Jess Walter has so kindly contributed the following post on recycling. Thank you again, Jess and Happy Holidays! This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart! As Jared Diamond wrote in his book Collapse, “We are all either part of the problem or the solution.” 


All vegans have different reasons for deciding to adopt this lifestyle. But one reason that can unite all vegans is the positive effect it has on the environment. There are many benefits for the earth if you go vegan, including the diet’s ability to reduce energy consumption that is caused by feeding livestock.

In addition to the positive, guaranteed consequences for the environment, eating vegan can also benefit the earth if you give special focus to recycling. Being a vegan means that you want to do all that you can to reduce or eliminate the suffering of nature—and this translates to taking care of the environment by recycling. Recycling is one extra action you can take to do your part in protecting the environment, which is what being vegan is all about!

How to Develop the Habit

Americans can be extremely wasteful—producing 254 million tons of waste per year. This means that we all have an ethical responsibility to develop a habit of recycling to reduce this staggering number. One way to start recycling is to avoid single-use items, like plastic utensils or coffee cups. If you cannot avoid using them for whatever reason, always be sure to recycle them when finished.

Opt to carry your own travel mug when you plan to buy coffee, and bring along plastic containers that can be washed and reused to work. You can even bring your own Mason jar or Tupperware to restaurants to carry home your leftovers. Once you begin taking into consideration how you consume and store food, you will pay more attention to eliminating waste and recycling your dishes/items in responsible ways for the environment.

Start Composting

In addition to recycling the dishes or kitchen products you use when eating, you can also recycle your food instead of putting food down the garbage disposal. Studies show that 25% of landfills consist of food waste, but by creating your own at-home compost system, you can reduce this percentage. There are many different ways to compost that are easy to do in the kitchen or garage.

One simple way to compost is the “trenching” method. Vegans can save all of your fruit and veggie scraps in a sealed container, and after it is filled, you then bury the debris in your garden or yard. This debris can even bring nutrients to your plants, which is helpful for vegans who grow your own herbs.

Thus, by being more away of the ways you can recycle, vegans can develop an eco-friendly approach to consuming food.

Credit: Recycle Garbage Bin Logo Photo by Gary Chan