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Watch PlantPure Nation!


Hello Vegalicious Ones,

This week, I went to see PlantPure Nation in Seattle with two vegan gal pals that I got to go along with me!  After the film I got to meet my #1 hero, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, as well as his son, Nelson Campbell who produced the film, plus Dr. Campbell’s wife and Nelson’s wife, Kim. It was extremely exciting to get to meet this “true living legend”, as one of my friends wrote. I was truly honored to meet this man who has had such a huge influence and impact on my life! As some of you know, I’ve read his book “The China Study” twice, taken his eCornell plant-based course, as well as read his other book, “Whole”. I have no real celebrity crushes…you may call me weird, but Brad Pitt or George Clooney could have walked right by and my focus would have been right there on this incredible human! Why do I admire this man so much? Because not only is he absolutely brilliant, but he’s someone who truly cares about other people! He’s a “mover and shaker” in his field when it comes to diet and health! He speaks the truth about meat and dairy – and has worked tirelessly to improve the health care crisis in this country despite great opposition. And he continues to travel around the country, delivering his empowering message of why a plant-based diet!


He was so incredibly kind and listened!


I even got a hug from him…


My friends and I greatly enjoyed watching PlantPure Nation! The film supported what we all believe in about diet and health, as well as the survival of our species. We really must start a grassroots movement! The government isn’t going to support this! So we were all saying, “Bring on the pods!” after seeing film…


There was a Q&A after the film. Here’s Dr. T. Colin Campbell answering questions from the audience! The film is coming out this summer, I believe in July, so look for it or find out about when they might be screening the film in your State by clicking on the link below:

What an amazing evening it was! My friends and I were all smiles when we left the theater…


…and that’s The China Study, that I’m holding out in front, which he signed for me!

Have you read it yet? Again, it’s my #1 favorite book out there!

A Must Read for any intelligent human who cares about their health! As I often ask people, “Why would you or anyone else go into old age feeling crappy?”

Let me know what you think about the film after you see it or after you have read the book!

I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a Big Cheers to One Big Happy Plantpure Nation! 

PlantPure Nation

Plant-Based Vegan News for 2015


Happy New Year, Everyone!

I’m excited about 2015! I strongly feel that this is the year that more people will come to realize that the way they’d been eating is not only detrimental to their health and/or to people they love, that it is also devastating our planet and causing great harm to other living beings, but there is a better way forward! That this IS a Win-Win no matter which way you look at it!


Here are some exciting things happening in the plant-based community:

Erica Meier via Compassion Over Killing writes, “Last week, the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee issued its proposed nutrition policy for 2015 that has the meat industry crying foul — and the Washington Post is calling it the “meat industry’s worst nightmare.” You can read the rest of the article here: (It is short!)

Meat Industry Has a Cow Over Proposed Dietary Guidelines

Veggie Plate

Further, Dr. Michael Greger had the privilege to speak in front of the “2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which is responsible for making evidence-based recommendations on the next round of federal nutrition advice.” Definitely check out what he has to say and also watch the video that he’s got the link & password to. I can’t wait to watch this over the weekend! Good Stuff!

My Testimony Before the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Committee

Please also check out his 14 part video series about the federal dietary guidelines. There is so much to learn! Further, I’d like to highlight a couple of books for you that I plan to read here in 2015. The first one was recommended by my friend Beth, a fellow PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) instructors. It is called “Comfortably Unaware”. If you have read it, perhaps you’d like to share your thoughts in the comments section with me and my readers!

Comfortably Unaware

Beth wrote, “IT’S MY MISSION to help as many people as possible transition to a plant-based dietary lifestyle and AVOID become a cancer statistic, a heart attack or stroke statistic, an MS statistic… you name it, a plant-based diet HELPS. All the protective nutrients are in whole plant foods… all of them. 
If you WANT chronic disease… animal products are for you.
But wait…
That’s what’s killing our planet (climate change, global warming, ocean dead zones, deforestation, air pollution, water pollution). Newsflash…. EVERYONE needs to be eating plant-based, globally. Or we won’t have a planet to worry about much longer.
Sadly, no. Read THIS book.”  
Convincing enough for me! How about you? Another book that I’d like to read it one that I saw JL Goes Vegan posting about and it is called, “The Modern Savage” by James McWilliams. 

The Modern Savage

Amazon has this to say about the book, “In The Modern Savage, renowned writer, historian, and animal advocate James McWilliams pushes back against the questionable moral standards of a largely omnivorous world and explores the “alternative to the alternative”—not eating domesticated animals at all. In poignant, powerful, and persuasive prose, McWilliams reveals the scope of the cruelty that takes place even on the smallest and—supposedly—most humane animal farms. In a world increasingly aware of animals’ intelligence and the range of their emotions, McWilliams advocates for the only truly moral, sustainable choice—a diet without meat, dairy, or other animal products.”

A colleague of mine just lost his younger brother…He was only 34 years old. He died from a heart attack! Yes, you read that right, 34 years old! In my book that is way too young to die! If we want to turn this health crisis around, we must first start to look at our own personal diets, as well as how our eating habits are affecting global health and sustainability, plus the animals that also inhabit our earth! 

Three Veggies

My birthday just happened in December and I have now been on a plant-based vegan diet for over three years! I can tell you that it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made! I’m excited for those of you who decide to join me this year! If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Much Health & Happiness to you all!

Fork Over The Planet


Yesterday  a friend sent me the following article called, “6 Terrifying Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop Eating Meat”. I thought, “That’s quite the title!” But once you take five minutes to read it, you will see that it is quite fitting and this is not just a “Meat is murder” kind of article, in case you’re a skeptic. If we don’t take these issues seriously, we may just as well  fork over the planet!

meat & butcher knife

Funny enough, this first article was sent to me by a friend, who also happens to be a restaurant owner and who definitely is not a vegan. He simply wrote, “More ammo for you!”  I wrote back, “Thank you, I appreciate it!” 

6 Terrifying Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop Eating Meat

Today on Facebook, my friend David added this article, just published by Moby today titled,

Save the Humans

My friend David wrote, “He’s been passionate about this for many years and I have learned much from him. Glad to see this article from him–It’s been a while. Moby knows what he’s talking about here.” I responded, “Right here on my coffee table, next to me, is his book that he co-wrote called “GRISTLE” – it touches on it all! Excellent book!”


Enjoy the articles and feel free to share! They are excellent!

Whether you’re a meat eater or not, we should all be very concerned about these important issues, as well as what is happening to our planet and food sources!

hands planet