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A few months ago, I learned of Rusty Lee Winsea – Appley through a friend of mine. I was a bit skeptic. It’s not like I haven’t spoken to a psychic before, but my experience has been – with the exception of two – that most of them are “cold readers”. They ask you a bunch of questions and “read you” from how you look, talk, walk, etc. Well, I took the plunge and called Rusty. I figured what did I have to lose. I especially wanted hear if there was a possibility of connecting with one of my loved ones, after losing six people in the last three years. So I sent Rusty all of their names, but didn’t tell him anything about them other than they had passed and which ones were my parents. I wasn’t disappointed! Frankly, I was surprised that he had a message from each one of them which fit perfectly on five out of the six people. Not bad, right! So I was curious to find out more about Rusty’s gift and so I asked if I could ask him a short set of questions. He said yes.

Touch of the Divine

UVC: How did you get started on this path?

Rusty:  The spiritual path did not come fully until last year when I start the mastery of consciousness course offered by the school of metaphysics. At the school of metaphysics I’ve learned about the three divisions of mind, about intuition, kundalini energy, meditation, akashic records, reincarnation and hung sau meditation. This has led me on a path to find my real self. The person behind the thoughts, behind the ego, my higher self. Some offers a course that is very much Eastern religion based. I consider myself to be a Hindu because it makes sense to me, to stop the wheel of bad karma and become enlightened and to reach nirvana.

UVC: How did you know you had this gift?

Rusty: I have always been able to swerve away from danger. I was a very nervous kid. I feared ghosts, I felt uneasy and the hair would stand up on my body when I sensed one. I knew events before they happened I called it at the time “lucky guesses”. The when I met my first psychic and he gave me his ring to read energy from and I found the answer to the question, “Why do I feel there things?” Because I’m psychic.

UVC: Well, it is certainly a beautiful gift that you have! Were there some moment where you realized that this was your calling?

Rusty: More recently I had a realization I was here for a much bigger purpose than to just live a spiritual life. I am here to teach, to give to those willing to receive. This has taken my intuitive abilities to uneasy heights, I’ll explain.

Before my spiritual awakening it was cool to have this ability and it was fun to show off sometimes. But that was just it, it didn’t mean much. Basically it was divine intelligence without direction or purpose.

After my spiritual awakening and I formulated an ideal, purpose and activity for my intuitive abilities it has increased my sensitivity and intuition to a whole new level. The Divine intelligence is now directed with thought and purpose.

It’s pouring out of me and spilling out into my aura attracting me to people and them to me. My kundalini energy is awake and I am creating and manifesting much faster than before. With all of this new energy leaving me as I give it, I am receiving from the universe the Divine intelligence as it replenishes me. It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least.

UVC: Sounds like it! I asked you if you have people calling you, like me, who’d like to connect with their passed loved ones. How do you feel about that? May I share it?

Rusty: Actually because of you, I am opening myself up to it. There are boundaries and topics I will not discuss, I want to keep it loving and needed. I’m not a investigater I would suggest to contact the police in those matters. You are welcome to share it.

UVC: Thank you so much, Rusty! You truly have a gift! It meant so much to me to hear from my parents, especially, and to hear what they had to say. It was exactly like hearing them speak. Although, the messages were short, they were clear and precise! You left me with a confident feeling in regards to your capabilities and your amazing gift! Thanks again!

If you are interested in having a session with Rusty, his contact information is below:

Rusty also has a Facebook page called Rusty Winsea 417 Intuitive Solutions

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