Red Meat & Breast Cancer


This week an article started circulating in regards to the link between red meat and breast cancer. A friend first shared it with me from our local paper. However, the story started in London. (See link below the picture!)




This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, if you’ve picked up and read “The China Study”. Dr. T. Colin Campbell would point out that ALL animal proteins are carcinogenic in large amounts. In the United States alone, one out of two men will get cancer in his life time. For women it is one out of three. Makes me wonder if the reason is that men typically eat more meat than women? However, women are more at risk than men for heart disease! Again, I wonder if this is because we feel more intensely with our hearts? We are typically more emotional and feel more deeply. (See link below from the Mayo Clinic. I think you’ll find it interesting, especially the Heart Disease risk factors.)


The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine posted this in regards to the red meat and breast cancer link,

Eating red meat is linked to breast cancer, according to a new study in the British Medical Journal. Premenopausal women participating in Harvard’s Nurses’ Health Study II who consumed the most red meat were 22 percent more likely to develop breast cancer, compared with those who consumed the least. Each additional serving of red meat per day was associated with a 13 percent increased risk in breast cancer.”




Another important recommendation from PCRM is this article called, “6 New Diet Rules to Curb Your Cancer Risk”. Go to the link below:

The bottom line is that we can easily live without meat and dairy products when there are so many other healthy and tasty choices out there to choose from! Reduce your risk, please, for your own sake and that of those who love you!

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Link to PCRMs article:


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