Physician Heal Thyself


Most physicians don’t have a clue about proper nutrition and diet, yet we go to them when we are ill and look to them for healthful advice. The reality is that most of them only know what their mothers have taught them at home or what they have been fed through popular media – which may in fact be totally erroneous! Aren’t they taught nutrition in medical school? No they’re not. They might get an hour or two…or none, but they are not there to learn about eating for health. There’s no money in that! Further, doctors are totally immersed in medicine, procedures, surgeries, etc. etc.  However, some doctors are awakening to the truth and making the connection between diet & health. I love EVERYTHING about the following video with Dr. Ted Crawford, a Tuscon AZ physician. If you read this, Dr. Crawford, Thank you for sharing this incredibly important message!


Also, do check out the following article from PCRM on “Improving Nutrition Education Among Health Care Professionals:

About urbanveganchic

I'm an urban chic woman, who is passionate about educating others about the benefits of a whole foods, plant-based vegan diet, cancer prevention & survival, as well as art & life. I love adventures and travel. As an artist and a teacher, I care deeply about healthy living, being a conscious steward of our planet, and being kind & respectful towards animals. Learning about a vegan plant-based diet has been like discovering a new country and falling in love with it, so if I sound like I'm enamored you now know why! As a world traveler, I truly wish I had discovered this beautiful new country twenty years ago! Better late than never, as they say, cause there's no going back now! Born and raised in Scandinavia. Proud owner of a tripod cat & a foxy little pup. Speak four languages...some better than others. Working on the fifth one. We are all either part of the problem or the solution! Health & Happiness to you! ~UrbanVeganChic

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