Vegalicious San Francisco


A week ago I travelled back to my old stomping grounds in San Francisco to discover a few new places that I had heard about or discovered on line. I wanted to share a few of these with you. First stop on our first day full day was “Gracias Madre” (Thank you Mother) which is located in the Mission District, about two stops from downtown on Bart (the metro).


IMG_0623_1Entrance to Gracias Madre – Beautiful artwork in tile!


I had heard about Gracias Madre from a friend in Los Angeles and I wasn’t disappointed. Check out some of the food that we ordered:


IMG_0624_1Flautas with cashew cheese – major Yum!




IMG_0627Three Tacos with seasonal goodies – the middle one had kale!


Gracias Madre got packed after one o’clock on Saturday afternoon. The tables are long and can fit six people, so my guy and I ended up sharing our table with two women from Israel and had a talk with them about being plant-based vegan. I realize that the food at this restaurant wasn’t all “plant-based approved”, but it was vegan! On our way to the restaurant we discovered this treasure on a building where construction is being done.


IMG_0621My friend “made me” snap a picture of this! 


Saturday evening I had made reservations for us to go to a five star vegan restaurant that I had discovered online called “Millennium”. We could not get seated till 9:30 pm, but trust me, it was SO worth the wait! The place was packed and there were people of all ages eating in the restaurant. The waiter that I ordered our drinks from was super friendly! On my second trip to the bar, he said to me, “This one is on me!” Wow! The photos, however, that I took, sadly did not turn out so well, but let me tell you, if you’re in San Francisco and you want gourmet vegan food, you must make Millennium a priority! The service was top notch! Here’s an inside, day time shot of the place (not taken by me).




Sunday, we headed to Greens for brunch. It’s a vegetarian restaurant in the Marina that I had eaten at several times when I lived in the city. Here are a few snapshots from our Sunday morning brunch:


Kale Salad & MeI enjoyed this delicious kale salad for brunch!


IMG_0649The view from Greens


IMG_0645Our lovely friend Deb had the fruit platter among other goodies


IMG_0641_1My BF had the linguini – looks delicious, doesn’t it!?


On Saturday day, I was surprised to see one of my favorite Barcelona stores in San Francisco, namely Desigual! Did I shop? You betcha! I got a new faux leather jacket, which is well designed and very well made, plus a couple of new dresses, a purse, plus the sweater that I’m wore for brunch at Greens is from Desigual (see photo further up)! If you’re a visual person like me and enjoy fun colors and patterns…somewhat out of the sixties…this store will definitely appeal to you!


Desigual-Store-San-Francisco                                                         Desigual

We stayed at the Palace Hotel downtown San Francisco and the service there was just excellent! At breakfast, when our waiter found out that I’m a plant-based vegan, he said, “I’d be happy to go back and steam up some fresh vegetables for you!” Incredible, no?! Despite being right, almost in the heart of downtown and facing the street – the room that we got was incredibly quiet and the whole place is very elegant! You feel like you’re being brought back in time…at least for a little while.



Palace Hotel Pool

On the way to the city and back I had incredibly sweet seat companions on the plane. (I usually have great flight karma, with being seated next to some really cool people!) I sincerely apologize to the woman in the dining area. SO, if you’re reading this, I hope you look up PCRM, Crazy Sexy Diet (Kris Carr), Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book “Eat to Live” (there’s a new cookbook that just came out as well) and read some of the interviews that I have done with people who have been where you are now! I just wanted to help, but I know from my friends experience that you’re probably being bombarded by unsolicited information. However, I do believe that this would greatly benefit you and your family! Specifically, “Red Thread”, “Begin Again”, and “Cowgirl Kicks Cancer Twice”! They can all be found under “My Top Ten Most Popular Posts” and recent ones!

Enjoy your weekend! In Best Health & Happiness,


About urbanveganchic

I'm an urban chic woman, who is passionate about educating others about the benefits of a whole foods, plant-based vegan diet, cancer prevention & survival, as well as art & life. I love adventures and travel. As an artist and a teacher, I care deeply about healthy living, being a conscious steward of our planet, and being kind & respectful towards animals. Learning about a vegan plant-based diet has been like discovering a new country and falling in love with it, so if I sound like I'm enamored you now know why! As a world traveler, I truly wish I had discovered this beautiful new country twenty years ago! Better late than never, as they say, cause there's no going back now! Born and raised in Scandinavia. Proud owner of a tripod cat & a foxy little pup. Speak four languages...some better than others. Working on the fifth one. We are all either part of the problem or the solution! Health & Happiness to you! ~UrbanVeganChic

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