70% of Human Diseases Linked to Animal Agriculture

70% of Human Diseases Linked to Animal Agriculture


70% of Human Diseases Linked to Animal Agriculture

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A report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) links 70% of human diseases to animal agriculture.

The “World Agriculture – Changing Disease Landscapes” report published in December 2013 explains how population growth, agricultural expansion, and the rise of globe-spanning food supply chains have dramatically altered how diseases emerge, jump species boundaries, and spread.

The report says seventy percent of the new diseases that have emerged in humans over recent decades are of animal origin and, in part, directly related to the human quest for more animal-sourced food.

Its goes on to explain how developing countries face a staggering burden of human, zoonotic and livestock diseases creating a major impediment to development and food safety. Recurrent epidemics in livestock affect food security, livelihoods, and national and local economies in poor and rich countries alike.

In the push to produce more food, humans have carved out vast swaths of…

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Field Roast Open House


Yesterday, my friend Jenelle & I ventured to The Field Roast headquarters in Seattle for their Open House BBQ Celebration. 


Jenelle & MeMe & Jenelle (blogger at York & Spoon)


The Field Roast Company generously opened their doors from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and everyone was invited for a free meal with beverages, plus a tour of the company, as well as a raffle for some awesome gift baskets. I was thoroughly impressed! First we took a tour of the company. Who doesn’t want to see where their food is prepared?


Field Roast HQField Roast HQ’s in Seattle, WA


The inside of the production area was really the most impressive part of this whole event to me, a Danish bakers daughter, because my father always taught me that a place that makes food should be impeccably clean! Trust me, Field Roast was spotless! I snatched this picture (and apologize in advance because I’m not sure I was supposed to), but seriously, check out how clean the place is! I asked Jenelle, “Could you imagine a factory farm opening up their doors like this and showing the public what really goes on?” She replied, “No, because then they’d all be going vegan!” And eating Field Roast instead, I may add! 


Sneak Peak at FRCheck out those floors! My Dad would have been impressed! 


We also got to see their storage area, peak in at the employee changing room, and the giant freezer. The employee who stood by it opened its doors so we could see it on the inside as well! Afterwards we went upstairs and saw the staff’s lunch room and offices. Impressed! Their employees can cook fresh food at work! W also saw their “creativity kitchen” where they come up with new flavors and products! Very nice! I would love to  hold a Food for Life Cooking Class for their interested staff members! After the tour we went outside to create our burgers.


Field Roast Burger BarBuild-a-Burger Challenge


Jenelle took the “Build-a-Burger” challenge way more seriously than I did. I just wanted to eat! Here is her beautiful creation that she has named, “FRESH-E-FRESH”. If she wins the challenge she would get a years worth of Field Roast products. 


Jenelle's BurgerFRESH-E-FRESH


Gorgeous, right! The food was ridiculously delicious! I loooved the chili! It was great going to something where you just knew everything would be vegan and you didn’t have to ask, “Is this vegan?” or “Does this contain egg or dairy?” Jenelle had fun taking pictures of her fabulous creation “Fresh-E-Fresh”! How can you not love that name, Field Roast? I can see it now, “Try Field Roast’s Fresh-E-Fresh burger!” 


JenelleJenelle (@ York & Spoon)




You don’t get to see my not-so-photogenic creation, but for entertainment purposes here I am about to eat it. Every bite was fabulous!  


Me eatingUrban Vegan Chic about to dig into her Fabulous Field Roast Creation

After our fabulous dinner there was dessert provided from Seattle’s first vegan ice cream truck. Check it out!


The Cookie CounterThe Cookie Counter – Seattle’s first Vegan Ice Cream bus


The Seattle Cookie Counter has a Kickstarter Campaign going to launch their vegan ice cream sandwich truck in Seattle. Jenelle has supported this and as a result they will be bringing her delicious treats on the Fourth of July! Now here’s truly an ice cream truck that I wouldn’t mind seeing and hearing coming through every neighborhood! This little family is truly some of the nicest people that you will ever meet! 


The Cookie CounterI


As Field Roast wrote on their site, We want delicious vegan treats and good people roaming our city.” Hear! Hear! This earth needs more people like them! Want to support them? Make a pledge!



Here’s a picture of my delicious Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwich from The Cookie Counter in Seattle. YUM! Jenelle had their Coconut Raspberry creation. 


Mint Ice CreamVegan Ice Cream Sandwich from Seattle’s Cookie Counter


As the evening went on, the line just kept growing at the Field Roast Open House BBQ Celebration. We were not surprised. Here’s a few more pictures that I snapped outside.


Line at FRField Roast


Thank you so much Field Roast for a fantastic experience and for a very tasty dinner and treats! Your company and team went above and beyond with this event! We are so proud to have you here in Washington State! You have a fantastic group of employees working for you and we both look forward to your next event or to work with you! Jenelle and I are both PCRM certified Food for Life Instructors! 


Dairy – Cancer Connection


This evening I came across this poster from Susan Levin, the Director of Nutrition Education for PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine).


Susan Levin Quote“Pumping carcinogenic dairy products through the lunch line is like enrolling kids in one giant, unethical experiment – the results of which are already grim.” -Susan Levin


 Yesterday, TheHill posted an excellent article that goes along with this. Susan answers why children are exposed to harmful foods and why dairy is so problematic. I am not going to quote it…you will just have to go in and read it for yourself! Here is the link to it:



Excellent article, Susan Levin!

Thank you so much for everything that you do and Keep up the awesome work!!!


Cantaloupe & Berry Smoothie


Have you ever bought a cantaloupe with not a lot of flavor and sweetness? That’s what happened with my latest purchase of cantaloupe. Well, instead of throwing it out why not make it into a tasty smoothie!? Here’s my very simple easy peasy recipe for it: cut cantaloupe into chunks, mix with organic frozen berries, one pack of Organic Mori Nu tofu and blend! And Voila! You have a delicious smoothie! Enjoy and please let me know how you like it!


Cantaloupe SmoothieCantaloupe & Berry Smoothie

Banana & Blueberry Tofu Yogurt


Hi There,

This morning I was in the mood for something quick, easy and healthy, so I came up with the following recipe for Tofu Yogurt. Here’s a picture from my kitchen


Blueberry Tofu YogurtBanana, Blueberry & Chia Tofu Yogurt


2 chilled bananas

1 pack organic Mori Nu Tofu

A handful or two of blueberries (can be frozen)

4 – 5 TBSP Chia Seeds

1/4 Cup Almond Milk



Blend bananas, Mori Nu Tofu & blueberries in a blender till smooth. Add the chia seeds by hand, blending them in afterwards together with the almond milk. Let it sit for at least one hour to chill and thicken.  

Enjoy and know that there are countless ways to make this delicious yogurt with your favorite fruits!




UVC’s Open House


What’s new? Well, I’m having an Open House tomorrow for my new business, Nourish NW. I’m very excited about this because I now have my own teaching space from where to teach Food for Life Classes and also plan to have others come in and teach health related classes, plus will be starting to see clients as a health coach. Check it out:


Moi & Sign INew sign & I - designed by my talented friend & graphic designer, Chad Maxwell


Here’s an inside look of this special space


ClassroomInside look at Nourish NW


The paintings in the space, by the way, are done by me! Here’s a closer look at one of my latest works and coaching area. Cozy, right!?


Coaching Area

Very excited to introduce and share this space with my community!

May it be a space of health, healing, and transformation!

And for those of you far away, I wish you the same!


Additional pictures taken by a friend from the opening


Open House

Open House I

Red Meat & Breast Cancer


This week an article started circulating in regards to the link between red meat and breast cancer. A friend first shared it with me from our local paper. However, the story started in London. (See link below the picture!)





This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, if you’ve picked up and read “The China Study”. Dr. T. Colin Campbell would point out that ALL animal proteins are carcinogenic in large amounts. In the United States alone, one out of two men will get cancer in his life time. For women it is one out of three. Makes me wonder if the reason is that men typically eat more meat than women? However, women are more at risk than men for heart disease! Again, I wonder if this is because we feel more intensely with our hearts? We are typically more emotional and feel more deeply. (See link below from the Mayo Clinic. I think you’ll find it interesting, especially the Heart Disease risk factors.)




The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine posted this in regards to the red meat and breast cancer link,

Eating red meat is linked to breast cancer, according to a new study in the British Medical Journal. Premenopausal women participating in Harvard’s Nurses’ Health Study II who consumed the most red meat were 22 percent more likely to develop breast cancer, compared with those who consumed the least. Each additional serving of red meat per day was associated with a 13 percent increased risk in breast cancer.”




Another important recommendation from PCRM is this article called, “6 New Diet Rules to Curb Your Cancer Risk”. Go to the link below:



The bottom line is that we can easily live without meat and dairy products when there are so many other healthy and tasty choices out there to choose from! Reduce your risk, please, for your own sake and that of those who love you!

Thank you for visiting!

Wishing you a Healthy & Happy Summer,

Nina @ UVC


Link to PCRMs article: