Shocking Facts About Low Testosterone


Happy September!

My friend, Doctor David Friedman, has published a compelling article about the cause of low testosterone in men. Not only what causes it, but also what to do about it. If you’re a man or have a man in your life – please read and share the link to this! Ladies, this is a great article for you as well!


man with laptop


Enjoy! It’s a great article!

Here’s the link:

Are You Reading The Signs?


Heya Vegalicious Readers,

Signs are everywhere. All around us and it gets confusing, I know! Which signs do we follow? If you watch TV, you’re constantly blasted with advertisements that tell you this or that is good for your body. I have been going through a program with more than a hundred nutritional theories. I can see why people are confused about what to eat, how much, etc. etc. So I totally get it! However, I thought I’d share some of the signs that I follow and have enjoyed seeing posted via FaceBook lately. One thing I asked my friends is, “Are you ignoring the signs or are you paying attention?”


Dr. KahnFantastic sign from Joel Kahn, M.D.

If that sign was not enough Drs. Pulde and Lederman put out this one


Then this brilliant one by Jon Gabriel. Many people are nutritionally starved in their diets. They eat lots of food, but it is not the “right” kinds of foods. I am thinking here of people who are eating fast food high in salt, sugar and fats! However, when you’re eating a plant-based diet your stomach, because it is nutritionally dense, fills up faster!


Are you eating enough fiber?




Plant-based foods provide a multitude of benefits. Julianna Hever, The Plant-based Dietitian, shares that,

Not only does fiber make you full faster and keep you full longer, it also:

  • Reduces your risk for colorectal cancer, diverticular disease, hemorrhoids, and promotes gastrointestinal health.

  • Promotes a healthy bacteria profile in your gut to improve immune function and overall health.

  • Removes excess cholesterol from your blood, helping to moderate and lower lipid profiles. 

  • Removes excess sex hormones, heavy metals, and other toxins from your blood and pull it out of your body through the bowels.

  • Controls blood sugar and insulin levels to promote steady energy, without peaks and valleys, and reduce risk for type 2 diabetes.

  • Reduces risk for cardiovascular disease.

  • Helps with weight loss and healthy weight maintenance by promoting satiety. 

You can find all your fiber in fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods and legumes (beans).

What’s more extreme?


In all humor there are nuggets of truth…

Big Corp




Okay, this final one not only made me smile, but I laughed out loud when I saw it!

I am certain my single female  vegan readers can relate to this one…

…and with a few more words added, this sign would almost be perfect!

Haven’t met him yet, but I am certain that I will one of these days…

…and if he’s a WFPB vegan, or open to eating healthier, that would be a dream come true!

She's vegan

What signs have you seen or read lately that have made an impact on you?

Health & Happiness,

Nina, UVC

Spiralize It!


Do you ever buy something only to receive it in the mail and not use it? You were certain when you ordered the item that you would use it, but you just never did.  Well then you’re certainly not alone! Earlier this year I had bought a Paderno Spiralizer thinking, “This will make my vegetables look amazing!” I am sad to say that it sat in the box for months and months until I finally pulled it out and put it together, which, by the way, wasn’t hard at all! Here is the picture of it below. 


Paderno Spiralizer

I am just crazy about my new Paderno Spiralizer. It is just the coolest thing ever! I have been spiralizing everything from zucchini to apples to cucumber. Here’s a sample of a raw zucchini, mushroom, and kale salad that I made. 

Raw Salad


Oh my, did I wish I had gotten it out of the box sooner! When I posted this to my Facebook account one of my friends said, “I’ve had one sitting in the box as well, but you’ve inspired me to get it out.” Several others got on line and ordered one and I can only say that you will not regret it! It is a F U N kitchen toy for grownups!


Below is a link to Amazon on the exact model that I ordered. Have Fun & Enjoy!

Eastsound Orcas Summer Fun


This summer I took a short fun trip up to Eastsound on Orcas Island with a good friend of mine. Before taking the ferry over we stayed a night in La Connor to take the ferry over early in the morning. It is such a cute little town with some great restaurants, a few of which will do a great job for anyone on a plant-based vegan diet. My friend and I always have a lot of fun when we travel together! However, I would have been just as comfortable taking this trip on my own if one of my friends couldn’t go! It is that sort of place! I’ve always felt safe on the island. However, going with a friend, family member(s) or a significant other is always more fun! The San Juan Islands are an amazing  place to visit in Washington State – I’d compare these islands to going to Europe. I’ll give you my perspective of what one can do while on Orcas Island. First, here’s a picture from West Beach where we went to watch the sunset.

West Beach 1

Bringing along some champagne and a little chocolate (dark & vegan)  while watching the sun go down…Life really doesn’t get any better than this!

Me on beach

When the sun was setting it looked like this


Sunset West Beach I


I decided to play around on the beach with it while the sun was setting. Here are a couple of snapshots.

Sunset & Me I

My sweet dog decided to join in the fun too!

Sunset Pippa & Me


Once the sun had set this is a view back at the beach from the boat ramp of the cool cabins that are for rent at West Beach. Many families with children stay here. What a view to wake up to each morning!

West Beach

There are many great restaurants on Orcas. We went back to The Kitchen, which serves vegan and vegetarian food. After the amazing sunset and fun on the beach we went to New Leaf Cafe for dessert. Sitting next to us was Joe Walsh (The Eagles) and company. My friend knew who he was and really wanted a photo of the two of them. I wouldn’t have paid any attention, otherwise. No offense to Mr. Walsh or anyone out there who might be an Eagles fan. It wasn’t until later that I realized his connection to The Eagles and his amazing guitar solo in Hotel California. So frankly right before I had this picture taken with him I said, “I’m sorry I don’t know who you are, but I’m delighted to meet you.” He replied, “Well, you’re probably better off!” Hahaha. The man has got talent and a good sense of humor! He was also in company of Jeff Lynne from The Electric Light Orchestra.

Joe Walsh & me

One of my favorite things to do when on the island is to go hiking around Mountain Lake. It is SO incredible beautiful. Depending on where you park your car the hike can take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours. It’s just stunning and not that difficult to hike, unless you have small children in tow.

Mountain Lake I

Orcas Island also has a wonderful center for the arts where we have gone to listen to music before. We went again this year! The islands all have rich arts programs with so many talented artists! It is definitely worth checking out, either before going or while there, to see what might be on the program. I have never been disappointed, plus it is a great way to meet some of the locals! Orcas Island also has many great shops. I personally love the local bookstore and believe in supporting small businesses. How sad it will be the day there are no more bookstores to browse because we all shop on line just to save a few bucks! Here are some books that we purchased. The top two are mine!

Orcas Books

There is also the Saturday’s Farmers Market which is really great and not to be missed with great crafts, jewelry, fruits and vegetables, and lots of other good stuff! In addition, there are many galleries, small boutiques and a history museum. Plus there are many beautiful flowers to snap pictures of. Here’s one that I’ve named “Firework Flower”.

Firework Flower

Another place that I’d highly recommend is to drive out to Doe Bay for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Cafe has great vegan options and the food is just amazing. Here’s a glimpse at what I had for breakfast one morning.


They were serving Huevos Rancheros vegan style with grilled tofu, topped with avocado and the yummiest corn salsa. It’s a lot of food, so go hungry! I also ordered a Thai tea with soy milk. Very yummy! Plus you can’t beat the view from Doe Bay! (I’m wearing my tennies because we just came from a hike!)

Doe Bay

Not only can you hike on the island, but you can rent bikes, boats and kayaks! One can also go whale watching. It must be unbelievable to see the whales coming through these waters at the right time of the year, I would imagine! This is my summer update. I hope yours has been fun as well, even if it was short like mine due to work and other obligations. Never underestimate the rejuvenating power of a short weekend getaway!

Orcas & Me I


What about you?

Where have you gone this summer that has refreshed your mind/body/spirit?

Feel free to leave a comment at the end! I’d love to hear what has inspired you,

even if it was just a trip to the park!


In best of health & wishing you a good rest of August!

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

~Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society

For the Love of Pigs


This is a topic that deeply moves me. Pigs have a special place in my heart. These people definitely don’t move me in any way that is positive, but I feel that it is important to be able to talk about what is upsetting as well. So here goes…


A week or so ago, I learned via social media about a horrific event that was to take place in St. Patrick’s Parish in Stephensville, Wisconsin. I wrote several letters to the people in charge because I couldn’t believe what they were going to do to these poor pigs during their fundraiser. Seriously?! What kinds of humans do this?


Here is what I wrote to them:


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing you in regards to your annual church fundraiser. It deeply disturbs me that you are using pigs in such a horrific manner. Why?

Pigs have the IQ of a 6 year old child. They are 10 x smarter than dogs. Domesticated pigs use the toilet and even flush afterwards. They are able to remember names and faces. Can even work levers to control things – like food, water, and can even adjust the air conditioner to their liking. They are smarter than monkeys. God must be disappointed in the human race when he sees such evil! 

I respectfully ask you to not use pigs for such inhumane and illegal entertainment! What happened to an old fashioned bake and garage sale in order to raise money?



My Name & Title


I wasn’t the only person who was deeply disturbed by this event. Over 66,000 signatures were collected, but to no avail. The event still happened and today 37 pigs died after being being brutally abused yesterday. They were punched in the face, kicked, body-slammed, yelled at and thrown on top of barrels. If this had happened to 37 dogs – who have a lower IQ than pigs – we’d all be up in arms. Well, dear human, please open the link  below and if you’re able to please contribute $10 (or more) so that these individuals be brought to justice! This is abuse of highest caliber! If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I do not sell stuff on here nor do I ever ask anyone for money. Well, I’m not asking for myself, but on behalf of the pigs who died in such a grotesque and inhumane manner! This seriously twisted and archaic event must be put to an end! 


Cutie Piglet


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for contributing to this worthy cause:

Contributions can written out to the “Global Conservation Group” and mailed to our Home Office at:

808 Fieldcrest Court
Watertown, Wisconsin 53094


Please also follow the link below and read the article – you can also contribute via PayPal:

Pig fighting folks

If I may also suggest, let your voice be heard by writing the parish like I did. Here are their email addresses:



July Jazzalicious Happenings


Hard to believe that we’re already at the end of July! Where is the time going? I recently finished teaching five weeks of summer school, while also working on my other business ventures, so I haven’t exactly been sitting idle. However, it is hardly all work and no play for this vegan gal!  I’m starting to think that this is turning into the summer of cool jazz and other delights… First I was invited to Jazz Alley in Seattle to see “Greg Adams and East Bay Soul”. We had front row seats! The woman next to me told me she’d waited four years to see them in Seattle. This was my first time to hear them. Greg Adams is a pure genius and his band is just amazing!


Greg Adams & East Bay Soul Greg Adams and East Bay Soul

Darryl Walker



James Wirrick


Such a talented group of musicians! Singing is Darryl Adams and guitarist is James Wirrick. Later I found out that Darryl has contributed to PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) when we got talking after the show. I had my picture taken with these two fabulous people.  Here I am with Darryl Adams and the legend himself, Greg Adams. Bow to the master, please! What a fantastic evening! Don’t miss them if they come to your neck of the woods!

Darryl, me & Greg

+ me, at a swanky little Seattle bar,

after the concert with my new eyewear from “SEE” in San Francisco.

(Now there’s one in Seattle too!)


Me at Jazz Alley

A week or so later I went out with a girl-friend and some other friends to hear a local jazz singer by the name of Eugenie Jones. She has a fabulous voice as well!



                                                                Januarie & me 2



A friend gave me Eugenie’s album, “Black Lace Blue Tears” and another person had it signed, while I was busy chatting with someone else. The look on my face must have been priceless when I got the CD back, because the CD was made out to “Nini” and only my mother has ever called me that. As some of you recall, my mother passed away just a little over a year ago and I’ve been “feeling her”, so this “message” really touched me…


Besides working and all of this great jazz, I’ve also been getting together with friends over delicious food. On the fourth of July I tried out a new potato salad from “How It All Vegan” and let me tell you…Swoon…it took me straight back home. In honor of copy rights I cannot give you the recipe – I did write and ask, but did not receive an answer back, so you’re going to have to go get the book!


How It All Vegan

I will tell you that I have made this “Perfect Potato Salad” (page 72) three times now and it is just as good as my Mom used to make it in Denmark, if not better. Twice I have left out the crumbled tofu and instead added the following, which this recipe does not have listed and in my opinion makes it even better:

  • Chives – because I love them!

  • A bundle of radishes, chopped

  • One whole English cucumber, sliced in halves

  • Small organic (of course) cherry tomatoes

Fourth of July Dinner I

We had some Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage with this meal as well. My friend, Alejandra, brought over dessert from The Flying Apron – a bakery in Seattle. We added the berries to these little marvelous chocolate cupcakes!

Cupcakes I

My next post will be about the little weekend vacation that I recently took. Remember to visit your local Farmer’s Market, if you haven’t already. This was today’s fresh “catch” from the market!


Farmers Market                               Flowers

Happy Day to you! Life is Good! Be Grateful!

70% of Human Diseases Linked to Animal Agriculture

70% of Human Diseases Linked to Animal Agriculture


70% of Human Diseases Linked to Animal Agriculture

Originally posted on veganomics:


A report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) links 70% of human diseases to animal agriculture.

The “World Agriculture – Changing Disease Landscapes” report published in December 2013 explains how population growth, agricultural expansion, and the rise of globe-spanning food supply chains have dramatically altered how diseases emerge, jump species boundaries, and spread.

The report says seventy percent of the new diseases that have emerged in humans over recent decades are of animal origin and, in part, directly related to the human quest for more animal-sourced food.

Its goes on to explain how developing countries face a staggering burden of human, zoonotic and livestock diseases creating a major impediment to development and food safety. Recurrent epidemics in livestock affect food security, livelihoods, and national and local economies in poor and rich countries alike.

In the push to produce more food, humans have carved out vast swaths of…

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