Raw Danish Vegan Salads

A few weeks ago, I returned from spring break in Denmark. It was a short, but delightful visit to the place where I was born, visiting family and friends. I also had the opportunity to speak again for the Danish Cancer Society, which I was honored to do in their new beautiful location! My cousin Mette went with to hear the new talk that I gave – her second time to hear me speak. A few days later I was over at her house for lunch and I couldn’t wait to see what she had come up with because she gets quite creative in the kitchen! I asked later if I could share the two salads and she said, “Of course!” They are pretty easy salads to make…yet so incredibly tasty, so I will bypass telling you to chop and mix the ingredients!


Asparagus & Cherry Tomato Salad
Iceberg lettuce
Cherry Tomatoes
Spring onions
Oil / vinegar dressing

Salad 1

Kale, Orange, and Pomegranate Salad
Chopped kale
Honey melon
Pomegranate Kernels
Toasted pine nuts
Orange juice as dressing
Mette's Appetizers
Veggie Appetizers: Hummus, Avocado and another Veggie Dip

Chick Napkin

**The only way chickens should ever be served on a plate! **
After making one or both of these salads, I’d love to hear what you thought! 
Happy Meatless Monday!
…Mange Tak Søde Mette! Stort Knus herovre fra! 

PlantPure Nation Kickstarter Campaign


Good morning Plant-Based Lovers,


I wanted to alert you to this VERY important Kickstarter campaign for the new documentary, PlantPure Nation. If you, like myself, thought that Forks Over Knives was an extremely important documentary in educating the public to turn to a plant-based diet for their health, then I know that this one will be just as significant! I am SO excited about this film, so please check out the trailer for it and learn about why they’re doing this Kickstarter campaign! I truly believe that this is going to be the most significant film you will be seeing on the big screen in 2015, so let’s all show our support so they can reach a wider audience!

FILM is a POWERFUL medium!

Thank YOU for YOUR support!!!

Nina, Urban Vegan Chic




Vegalicious February Travels


A few weekends ago I ventured down to Los Angeles to visit a friend and attend an art opening for Swedish artist Jimmy Strambrandt, plus of course to taste some of the Native Foods…literally, but more about that in a minute. Sharing a few photos from the gallery and from the trip.




Jimmy & Lisa

Two Swedish artists, Jimmy & Lisa

If you’re interested in seeing more of his art, I have added a link to his page at the end of this! I thought the compositions were very clever and enjoyed meeting Jimmy, speak a little Swedish, plus meet some new and interesting people! I even drove a little while in Los Angeles! FYI: I’m a very careful and observant driver!

Driving in LA

The best part of the trip was the trip down to Palm Springs, where I’d only previously driven through. As I mentioned in the beginning, I had to sample the food, so lunch was at Native Foods and I now wish that they were located in every city across the United States!

Native Foods

Native Foods 1

Native Foods2

The Lavender Lemonade was delicious, by the way! Here’s a peek at the dishes I sampled. First Native Nachos. The “Nacho cheese” was delicious!

Native Nachos

Also had to try a few of the Native Sweet Potato fries, but I must admit that I’ve had better.

Native Fries

For the main dish I had the Twister Wrap: Fresh baby greens, fresh avocado and cucumber salsa, creamy chipotle sauce and your choice of crispy, blackened or grilled Native Chicken in a whole wheat wrap. It was delicious!

Native Twister Wrap “Twister Wrap”

Also sampled the Sesame Kale Macro Bowl: Grilled Native Tempeh atop steamed kale, brown rice, creamy ginger sesame sauce, tangy sauerkraut and onions. Garnished with gomasio and green onion and served with crunchy cucumber seaweed salad on the side.

Sesame Kale Macro

A beautiful place to stay in Palm Springs is Korakia Pensione. It has been named “One of the Sexiest Hotels in America” by Forbes and The New York Times. It didn’t disappoint, that’s for sure! I feel grateful to have stayed there…even just for one night!





Korakia is Greek for “crow”. The pool was 90 degrees, by the way! I took a nighttime swim! I also loved the fire pit, but didn’t get a good picture of it, so you will have to look at in on their website at the end. A wonderful place to sit by in the evening and gaze up at the stars!



I apologize for not having as much time to write and share, as I am teaching extra classes both at school and at my business, plus preparing for several upcoming talks! If you want more vegalicious information you can always follow me on FaceBook under my pages “Cancer Project Nutrition And Cooking Class” and “Nourish NW”, as well as “West Coast Vegans” – the page I share with my friend, Alejandra.


Happy Vegalicious March!


Art by Jimmy Strambrandt: http://www.stambrandt.com

Korakia Pensione: http://www.korakia.com/about

Native Foods: https://www.nativefoods.com

Ignite Your Passion!


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I have a pep talk for you today! I want to talk about committing to yourself and to your health goals starting now! Most of us start out the new year with good intentions. Some of you wrote long new years resolutions, but often these don’t seem to stick for more than a few weeks. All of us can get caught up in the daily “rigmarole” with work, duties outside of work, etc. etc. And not only do we get caught, we get stuck! I want to help you get unstuck and to feel more energized and loved! 


First, the only person who can really give you the love you deserve and want is you! So even if you’re single reading this or if you’re not…you need to go no further than your mirror and take a good look! You are also the only person who can get yourself “unstuck” and move forward towards your goals! How? In the book 21-Day Weight Loss  Kickstart, Dr. Neal Barnard says, “Focus on making short term changes…these changes will lead to long-term habits!” He is right! It’s the day to day little changes that lead to long lasting results! So for example, let’s say you need to get your butt back to the gym, start by going two days a week. Then three…and so on! Build up and don’t give up! Put the dates in your calendar and stick to it! If you don’t plan it…it’s never going to happen!  We forget, we make excuses…La di da di da! I confess! I’ve been there and done that! However, once you get yourself back into a routine and make it a habit then you will start seeing the results! However, you have to make a commitment to doing it consistently for at least 28 days! This goes for any kind of healthy practice, whether it is yoga, meditation or switching to a healthier diet! 28 Days…You can totally do this! Right!? C’mon! Get your calendar out and set some dates…with the most important person in your life = YOU!

Your Body is the Biggest Investment

Again, the main thing is to just start! Commit to yourself and to your life! No one can exercise, eat right, get adequate sleep, or drink more water for you. That is solely your responsibility whether you are single or with a partner this Valentine’s day…and you know this already! Your job is to love yourself, your body and your life so totally and completely, so that it spills over into other areas of your life causing your life to ignite! Sadly, there are enough people walking around like the “walking dead” without fire in their eyes or a light in their souls. Find your passion and DO IT! 

Ignite Your Passion

Take a little time every day for something you are passionate about. Something that makes you excited…and if you don’t know what that is or haven’t found it yet, then it is time to explore! How exciting!!! Try something different! Go out of your usual routine. Take a short trip. Visit another city! Sign up for a class in something that interest you! It doesn’t have to cost a lot! Just pay attention to what makes your heart leap, stirs your inner being and awakens you in the middle of the night! Also, if you’re in a funk in regards to Valentine’s day then ask yourself where can you make a difference for someone else? At school, I had my students make Valentine’s cards for veterans. How about writing a few cards and taking them to a retirement home and ask they be given to a few residents who are without loved ones? That would surely bring a smile to someone’s face! I can guarantee it will! 


As my friend Oscar likes to say and write all over my home town, “Do Good…Feel Good!”

Do Good Feel Good

What are you going to do today to ignite yourself?

What short term changes will you make? Whatever you do…

…Please remember this!

Everything You Need

“You Actually Have Everything Inside Of You, All Of The Equipment Necessary To Feel If Something Is Right For You Or Not.” ~David Wolfe via Food Matters

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Single Valentines

Wishing You Much Health, Happiness, Love and Fun Adventures!


Urban Vegan Chic

Plant-Based Vegan News for 2015


Happy New Year, Everyone!

I’m excited about 2015! I strongly feel that this is the year that more people will come to realize that the way they’d been eating is not only detrimental to their health and/or to people they love, that it is also devastating our planet and causing great harm to other living beings, but there is a better way forward! That this IS a Win-Win no matter which way you look at it!


Here are some exciting things happening in the plant-based community:

Erica Meier via Compassion Over Killing writes, “Last week, the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee issued its proposed nutrition policy for 2015 that has the meat industry crying foul — and the Washington Post is calling it the “meat industry’s worst nightmare.” You can read the rest of the article here: (It is short!)

Meat Industry Has a Cow Over Proposed Dietary Guidelines

Veggie Plate

Further, Dr. Michael Greger had the privilege to speak in front of the “2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which is responsible for making evidence-based recommendations on the next round of federal nutrition advice.” Definitely check out what he has to say and also watch the video that he’s got the link & password to. I can’t wait to watch this over the weekend! Good Stuff!

My Testimony Before the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Committee

Please also check out his 14 part video series about the federal dietary guidelines. There is so much to learn! Further, I’d like to highlight a couple of books for you that I plan to read here in 2015. The first one was recommended by my friend Beth, a fellow PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) instructors. It is called “Comfortably Unaware”. If you have read it, perhaps you’d like to share your thoughts in the comments section with me and my readers!

Comfortably Unaware

Beth wrote, “IT’S MY MISSION to help as many people as possible transition to a plant-based dietary lifestyle and AVOID become a cancer statistic, a heart attack or stroke statistic, an MS statistic… you name it, a plant-based diet HELPS. All the protective nutrients are in whole plant foods… all of them. 
If you WANT chronic disease… animal products are for you.
But wait…
That’s what’s killing our planet (climate change, global warming, ocean dead zones, deforestation, air pollution, water pollution). Newsflash…. EVERYONE needs to be eating plant-based, globally. Or we won’t have a planet to worry about much longer.
Sadly, no. Read THIS book.”  
Convincing enough for me! How about you? Another book that I’d like to read it one that I saw JL Goes Vegan posting about and it is called, “The Modern Savage” by James McWilliams. 

The Modern Savage

Amazon has this to say about the book, “In The Modern Savage, renowned writer, historian, and animal advocate James McWilliams pushes back against the questionable moral standards of a largely omnivorous world and explores the “alternative to the alternative”—not eating domesticated animals at all. In poignant, powerful, and persuasive prose, McWilliams reveals the scope of the cruelty that takes place even on the smallest and—supposedly—most humane animal farms. In a world increasingly aware of animals’ intelligence and the range of their emotions, McWilliams advocates for the only truly moral, sustainable choice—a diet without meat, dairy, or other animal products.”

A colleague of mine just lost his younger brother…He was only 34 years old. He died from a heart attack! Yes, you read that right, 34 years old! In my book that is way too young to die! If we want to turn this health crisis around, we must first start to look at our own personal diets, as well as how our eating habits are affecting global health and sustainability, plus the animals that also inhabit our earth! 

Three Veggies

My birthday just happened in December and I have now been on a plant-based vegan diet for over three years! I can tell you that it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made! I’m excited for those of you who decide to join me this year! If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Much Health & Happiness to you all!

Pete’s Shepherd’s Pie


Good morning…God morgen…Guten morgen…& Buenos días,

Last night I promised a few Danes that I’d post and share Pete’s amazing shepherd pie recipe. The first time I had it I literally swooned. The pie came right out of Pete’s oven – warm and delicious! He even gave me a container of it to-go. I had it again for lunch over the next couple of days and it was still just as delicious and filling. Thank you, Pete for sharing this delicious recipe!

Pie On Table

~Pete’s Shepherd Pie on Charlotte’s beautiful table~


4 lbs Red Organic Potatoes – halved and cut into quarters

3-4 Organic Carrots – cut into thirds and chopped into smaller pieces

1 Sweet Onion – chopped

8 large Cremini Mushrooms – halved and sliced

1 Bag “Meat” crumbles (Vegan)

2 tbsp  Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

1 tsp Rosemary – finely chopped

1/2 cup Red Wine

1/2 Cup Vegetable broth + 3/4 Cup for Mashed Potatoes

1 tsp Black Pepper

Sea Salt to taste

2 tbsp Potato Flour – for thickening

1 – 12oz bag of frozen Organic Peas

2 large handfuls of Baby Spinach

1/2 stick of Earth Balance butter

5 tbsp Nutritional Yeast

1/2 tsp Garlic powder

Got all that? Great! Let’s get started on the process. It’s so easy to make, even a non-cook, or whatever you call yourself, can make this dish! Begin by washing the potatoes, followed by cutting off the spots/ends. Do Not include these in the dish!

Cutting Potatoes

Cut the potatoes in half, then into quarters. By now the water is boiling in a large pot. Cutting them this way will save time. Add a bit of salt and a little olive oil (or not) to the boiling water to prevent the potatoes from sticking.


After you got the potatoes going, work on the carrots. Cut them into thirds and then chop them into smaller pieces – like so.


Then chop the sweet onion and cut the large Cremini mushrooms in half and then slice them. Add to the carrots.

Mixture in bowl

After all the chopping and slicing is done, get out a large pan and add either a little olive oil or some vegetable broth (if you’re on a “no-oil” regime) and heat it up. Add the meat crumbles and stir them around.


Afterwards add the carrots, mushrooms and onions to the mixture and blend together. Add Bragg’s Aminos, Rosemary, half a cup of red wine and stir it in. The alcohol will cook out, but add flavor. Also add half a cup of vegetable broth, black pepper and sea salt to taste.

Mixture in pan

Keep stirring all the ingredients together. Letting it cook for a little while (10 minutes or so).  Then add the potato flour, stirring rigorously. Next add the peas, stirring them into the mixture and finally two large handfuls of baby spinach. The peas and spinach go in last because they don’t need to be cooked as long. Put the vegetables and “meat” mixture over into a large casserole dish. The one I use is made of glass from Pyrex (9 x 13″ = 22.5 x 33 cm).

Pie with Mixture

~ Pre-Heat Oven to 350 ~

Time to work on the potatoes. You have drained the water, keeping the potatoes in the large pot that you cooked them in. You could, after they have cooked leave them sitting in the hot water. Add 3/4 cup of veggie broth + half stick of Earth Balance [vegan] butter, plus nutritional yeast and garlic powder. Using a potato masher, mash together until it the potatoes are nice and smooth.  When they are ready, spread the mashed potatoes on top. You may have extra mashed potatoes left over. Wonderful right!? It’s one of my weaknesses!

Pie with Potatoes

Plop this baby in the oven and bake for 30 minutes (at 350)…and Voila! Dinner or lunch is ready!


Bon Appétit and Happy Holidays!

Christmas Tree

Pete’s Pea Salad


Happy Holidays, Vegalicious Readers!

It’s almost Christmas and I haven’t written since November. I’ve been so busy with work and getting my students ready for their holiday concert that there hasn’t been time, but I promise to make it up to you. I have some vegalicious recipes coming, including this one and have a few interviews lined up with some great people – so please check back! This first one is my friend Pete’s Pea Salad recipe. It’s seriously easy peasy to make! We are attending a Danish holiday party together and this is one of the dishes that we are bringing. Here’s a look at the finished product first.

Pete's Salad

First chop the sweet onion, then dice the water chestnuts and add seasoning.


Water Chestnuts

Thaw two bags of Organic Sweet peas. First let them sit out for a while. Then put the bags in warm water and finally rinse under warm water in a strainer.


Add Veganaise to the mixture of onions & water chestnuts and add to the peas, which you will need a larger bowl for! While the peas were thawing, cut up the “meat” into crumbles and then let it brown slightly in a small pan. We couldn’t find Vegan Bacon, so we used Tofurky’s Hickory Smoked Deli Slices instead. Just so you know that you’ve got options!

Meat Crumbles



2 – 12 oz bags of frozen organic peas

3/4 cups of Sweet Onion diced

1 can of water chestnuts sliced

1/4 cup of diced vegan bacon or Tofurky Hickory Smoked

3/4 cup of Veganaise

1 tsp of Braggs Organic Sprinkle 24 Herbs & Spices Seasoning

1/4 tsp of black pepper

1/4 tsp of dill – fresh is preferred – chopped

Final note: Mix the ingredients well, add Veganaise if you feel it needs extra. Refrigerate before consuming for at least an hour. Then mix together before serving!

ENJOY and Happy Holidays!